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  • I certify and warrant that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the Minor child of whom I have submitted the photograph, including any corresponding materials pertaining to said Minor, and I hereby grant Rouse Program Entertainment, LLC, herein referred to as the Producer, and the Ohio County Development Authority, Inc., herein referred to as the Sponsor, including its affiliates, permission and consent to use said Minor's image and likeness, in video, and all digital forms, for consideration of Minor's appearance on "The Santa Claus Show, Sponsored by The Highlands," herein referred to as the Program.

    Be it known that Program will initially appear on, which is accessible to the public. Program may also be publically shown in broadcast, social media, cable, and streaming media.

    As the parent and/or legal guardian, I waive and release, and hold harmless, Producer and Sponsor from any and all liability, civil or legal actions, any damages which may be incurred by Minor, including personal injury or financial harm to Minor, that may result from Minor's participation in the production of, or appearance on Program. I further understand and agree that no financial or other type of compensation, including any monetary residual payments or royalty financial incentives will be given or offered to Minor, or parent or legal guardian, for Minor's appearance on Program, now and into perpetuity.

    I further agree and understand that Minor's image and likeness may be used for promotional purposes relative to Program, now and into the future. All electronic, digital, video and audio images recorded of Minor during the production of Program become the property of Producer and may be repurposed for uses specific to Program.

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